About us

SEIKO Flowcontrol was founded in 1968, and the company has gained considerable know-how in the design and manufacturing of differential pressure (DP) flow elements.

This long-time experience and the extended in-house capabilities developed with the new production facility, today SEIKO is the prefered supplier for Flow Elements in many industries.

Since the first DP devices have been developed over 100 years ago, this measuring technique has still the largest installed base of all Flow Measurements, specially in Chemical, Oil&Gas and Power Industry.

SEIKO can offer a complete range of DP Flow Elements including orifice plates, orifice flanges and meter run assemblies, compact orifice flow meters, restriction orifices, flow nozzles including the throat-tap nozzle, venturi tubes and averaging pitot tubes.

Beside the flow elements, SEIKO can delivere thermowells and special pipe fittings.

The design of flow elements can be done according to all major standards including latest editions of DIN EN ISO 5167, ASME MFC-3M und PTC 19.5, API and AGA standands etc. and can be supplied with a certificate of conformity acc. To EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Our welding department is qualified to EN and ASME standard and holds an impressive number of personal welding performance and welding procedure certifications.

The SEIKO in-house capabilities for non-destructive testing include pressure and leackage test, ultrasonic and radiographic inspection, dye-penetration and hardness survey and PMI testing.

All deliveries can be backed-up with customized full set of documentation starting with design and flow calculations, dimensional drawings, quality plan, material certificates and tracebility, welding and test schedule, dimensional and alignement reports, PWHT-report, corrosion protection, packing and dispatch inspection reports.

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