Industrial Process Solutions

There are many industrial processes where our flow elements are installed. One of the biggest segments served by SEIKO Flowcontrol is the chemical industry including organic and inorganic basic chemicals, polymers, fertilizers and viscose fiber plants.

Ethylene is a basic building block of the chemical industry and the link between chemical companies and petroleum refineries. The ethylene or olefin plant will yield mostly ethylene, but will also break the feed-stock into a number of
usable by-products, such as propylene and butylenes. The steel industry is an other cornerstone of business on world´s market as crude steel production has nearly doubled from 2001 to 2011. Today´s best –available integrated steel mills have sophisticated energy management systems to ensure efficient use and recovery of energy throughout the steelmaking process. By-product gases from the coke oven, blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) are measured and fully reuse in closed process cycles to save fossil fuel.

With an energy demand of 3-5 MWh for one ton of production of paper, pulp and paper manufacture are the world´s fourth biggest primary energy using industry. Most mill´s have their own plants for the generation of electricity and the production of steam. Self generation of energy accounts for almost 60% of the total energy use. Specially the combustion of wastes from the production process and biomass fuels such as bark, biogas from effluent treatment and wood residues as well as energy recovered within the production process are transformed to heat and electric power. Bearing in mind, that a pulp and paper mill may have a number of different types and sizes of boilers and turbines and district heating running, reliable flow measurements are needed to balance the total plant operation.

SEIKO Flowcontrol is a trusted partner that provides experience and technical know-how to deliver the optimum flow element to solve any application challenge.


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