Long Radius Nozzle

The Long Radius Nozzle is manufactured acc. the US - Standard ASME.

There are two types of long radius nozzles: High Beta nozzles (0,25 ≤ β ≤ 0,8) and Low-Beta nozzles (0,20 ≤ β ≤ 0,5).

Long Radius Nozzles have a smooth elliptical inlet leading to a throat section with sharp outlet. The length of the Long Radius Nozzle depends on the Beta-Ratio. The lower the ratio the less the length.

The Long Radius Nozzle is achieved as complete meterrun with a weld-in unit.

Also the alternative with a annular-chamber is available.

The upstream/downstream tap locations are D and D/2 from the inlet face of the nozzle.

Depending on customer requirements, the typical 1/2 in. or 3/4 in. tappings have a but or socket weld, screw thread or flange connection. Tappings maybe equiped with condensate chambers and shut-off valves.

Available in wide variety of materials ( SA105, SS316, F12, F22, F91,…)

The flow calculation is performed according to the ISO 5167- Part3.

The uncertainty of uncalibrated Long Radius Nozzles is +/- 2%.

The pressure loss is between 40% and 95% of the generated differential pressure (depends on the Beta-Ratio).

SEIKO recommends an ISA 1932 Nozzle instead of a Long Radius Nozzle due to the high uncertainty.

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