A-B-T bv

Company Profile Since the foundation in January 1994, A-B-T bv has been specialised in flow. Due to this specialisation, and many years of application experiences in virtually every industry, the best possible advice can be given.

With an open mind for the customer’s interests, a particular flowmeter from A-B-T’s program may be proposed to fill in the application. Accuracy and repeatability, purchasing, installation and operating costs, maintenance aspects, etc. are all taken into consideration. The total cost of ownership forms an important basis for a proposal.

Besides standard products, also specials for difficult applications may be offered. Additionally, A-B-T bv has build up expertise in custody transfer metering systems for natural gas, oil and other products, including cryogenic fluids.

Generally, the advice is free, by the way!

Maidstone 28
5026 SK Tilburg
The Netherlands

T: +31-13-5287225
F: +31-13-5216236


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