Naftan Refinery Project

SEIKO Flowcontrol recently finished manufacturing a big project for Naftan Refinery in Novopolotsk, Belarus. Included were in total 29 customer specified wedge meter.

In June 2014 the offer was accepted and SEIKO started producing wedges. Finally over 29 pieces of Wedge Meters were produced. Four different sizes were manufactured customer specialized und mainly calibrated at VCS our trusted calibration labour. At the moment all 29 customized wedges are packed in wood boxes according to ISPM15 standard and sent to the refinery at the moment.

This was the first project for SEIKO with so many wedge meter in one order and we have proudly finalized this project in January 2016. All wedge flow meters are delivered with a EAC certificate and a technical passport.

smallest & biggest sized wedge meter

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