Oil & Gas Solutions

As global energy demand continuous to increase, the need for new oil and gas discoveries will lead energy companies to greater depths and demanding environments with an increasing emphases on flow measurement equipment reliability and accuracy.

SEIKO Flowcontrol is well known for design, manufacturing and supply of flow measurement products for the oil and gas industry worldwide. Flow elements are designed and tested in accordance with AGA, NORSOK, NACE, CRN, PED and ASME standards. From the well head to the final customer product SEIKO flow elements and restriction orifices can be found at each stage of production, processing, transportation, storage, refining and distribution for both liquid and gas petroleum products.

Offshore production platforms for oil and gas are perhaps the most challenging and hazardous operating environment flow applications for crude oil and gas include well head facilities, gas lift and gas injection, GOSP, water and steam injection, storage and transportation.

Expectations of new and greater oil and gas reserves pushing exploration and production to the farthest corners of the earth, reliable transportation and accurate flow measurement of petroleum products are critical. SEIKO offers a complete range of primary flow elements for liquid and gas metering for FPSO, pipelines, gas compressor stations, oil pumping stations, underground storage and natural gas city gates.

SEIKO VENTURI TUBES for oil and gas are manufactured to comply with the exact need of the client and applications. Venturi tubes are virtually maintenance free as there are no internal seals or moving parts. They can be used to measure a wide variety of fluids, such as air, gas, vapor, liquid, steam, sludge, slurry and are ideal for measurement of viscous flows and flows containing suspended solids. In petroleum refining the complete diversity of flow measurement applications can be found.

High temperatures and pressures characterize the operating environment for refining process equipment and extends to the need for robust and reliable flow elements. Whether handling heavier fractions, lighter liquid elements, automotive fuels or lubricants, the right selection of flow elements can be found in the SEIKO Flowcontrol solutions. SEIKO Flowcontrol has a long track record of successful deliveries executed for the oil and gas industry.




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