Venturi Tube

SEIKO Venturi Tubes serve users with accurate measurements of non-viscous fluids in clean or dirty streams. The venturi tube is a low-pressure-drop metering device and with its angled inlet and outlet cones which help control the pressure recovery, making the venturi the most efficient of all the differential meters available.

Also a venturi tube as perfect solution for high and low pressure measurements if minimum straight upstream and downstream lengths are available.

The design consists of a convergent cone section, cylindrical bore, and a divergent cone section.

A venturi tube can be achieved as truncated alternative. The divergent portion may be truncated up to 35% of its length without significantly modifying the permanent pressure loss.

At large sizes and low pressure applications a welded venturi will be the best answer.

The upstream tap location shall be D/2 before convergent cone and a throat tap as minimum. Both taps shall be made in the form of separate pipe wall pressure taps interconnected by annular chambers.

Depending on customer requirements, the typical 1/2 in. or 3/4 in. tappings have a but or socket weld, screw thread or flange connection. Tappings maybe equiped with condensate chambers and shut-off valves.

Available in wide variety of materials ( SA105, SS316, F12, F22, F91,…)

The flow calculation is performed according to the ISO 5167- Part4.

The typical uncertainty of uncalibrated Venturi Tube is 1,5% - 3,0%.

Permanent pressure loss is typically 5% - 10 % of the differential pressure (depends on the Beta-Ratio).

The most advantages of the venturi tube are the low requirement of straight inlet&outlet sections and a very low residual pressure loss.

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