We are certified for all common national and international standards for manufacturing of high pressure piping components including PED and ASME regulations. The SEIKO Quality System based on ISO 9001 is subject to regular internal and external audits, of our own operations and our sub-suppliers, to ensure that we fulfill all applicable quality, safety and environmental standards of our industrial partners for material and engineering services.

ISO 9001_2000 A ISO 9001_2000 CZ
ASME "S" Stamp  AD2000/HP0-Zul.
KTA 3201.3, 3211.3 and 1408.3 KTA 1401
EN ISO 3834-2 ÖN M7812
Kesselgesetz §14 GOST R Zertifikat
ISO14001 at d e ISO14001 cz d e
BS OHSAS 18001 at BS OHSAS 18001 cz
Deklaration TR CU 010  Certificate TR CU 032 (Meterrun)
DGRL-Mod.D,D1,E,E1 Clearance Certificate 

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