22“ Venturi tube for Feed Water flow measurement with NIBAS lining, installed on the 800MW Coal Fired Power Plant Wilhelmshaven/Germany.

12“ truncated Venturi Nozzle for HP Live Steam flow measurement, installed on the 440MW CCPP Blenod/ France.

12“ ISA-1932 Nozzle with integrated annular chamber for MP steam flow measurement installed on the 2x800MW power plant Westfalen/Germany.

18“ ASME PTC-6 Throat Tap Nozzle for performance testing of steam turbines installed at a 660 MW power generation plant in Barh/India.




4“ calibrated Quadrant Nozzle for bitumen measurement with very low Reynolds number installed at the OMV refinery Schwechat/Austria.

4“ special Multistage Restriction Orifice for flow restriction installed on the gas plant Karan / Saudi Arabia.

Wet Gas Venturi meters, complete out of duplex with HUB ends, installed for the Telok Gas Development Project/Malaysia.

Several Restriction Orifice Plates installed on the FPSO Baleia Azul/Brazil.



20” Averaging Pitot Tubes installed at the heat recovery plant in one of the worlds largest aluminium smelters in Dubai / UAE.

3“ annular chamber Orifice meterrun for a firing gas station installed on the Borealis petrochemical plant in Schwechat/Austria.

24“ lined Venturi Nozzle with a plate outlet cone for steam measurement installed for the pulp and paper project Montes del Plata in Uruguay.

DN 2000 Plate Venturi for converter gas measurement installed in LD-steel plant in Bremen/Germany


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