Venturi Nozzle

The Venturi Nozzle is an attractive solution for measurements with high accuracy and low residual pressure loss requirements.

This Nozzle has the same features as the ISA 1932 Nozzle except the residual pressure loss is lower.

The profile of the Venturi Nozzle is axisymmetric. It consists of a convergent section, with a rounded profile, a cylindrical throat and a divergent section.

A venturi nozzle can be achieved as truncated alternative. The divergent portion may be truncated up to 35% of its length.

At large sizes there is the possibility to go for a sheet metal downstream cone.

The upstream tap location shall be corner taps and the throat pressure taps shall comprise at least four single pressure leading into a annular chamber.

Depending on customer requirements, the typical 1/2 in. or 3/4 in. tappings have a but or socket weld, screw thread or flange connection. Tappings maybe equiped with condensate chambers and shut-off valves.

Available in wide variety of materials ( SA105, SS316, F12, F22, F91,…)

The flow calculation is performed according to the ISO 5167- Part3.

The typical uncertainty of uncalibrated Long Radius Nozzles is +/- 1,5%.

When the divergent angle is not greater than 15° the relative value of the pressure loss can be accepted as being generally between 5% and 20%.

The Venturi Nozzle is the best solution if short upstream lengths and lower costs are required in comparison to a Venturi Tube.

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